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The focus today is on the website! It doesn't matter whether I want to generate traffic for my website to generate advertising revenue or to win new customers: The website has to be found, especially in Google searches. In the blog, I address the following topics:

  • Advertisements on websites
  • Optimisation of websites for AdSense
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Online marketing strategies

Also tips and tricks for the website. Have fun reading!

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AdSense specials

CPM instead of CPC: the new revenue model and your optimisation strategy

Publishers with good click-through rates are concerned that the current very low CPM value will become the basis for billing in the future and that this will result in a significant loss of revenue. First considerations for optimisation...

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AdSense specials

AdSense - Why are ads not showing?

You have successfully set up an AdSense account to do this, but still no ads are appearing on your site. What could be causing this?

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AdSense specials

AdSense - Tax information for Ireland or Singapore

I keep seeing red banner messages in my AdSense account, like the one I saw recently when I accessed my payment information. What does it mean and what should I do?

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AdSense specials

AdSense: New revenue share structure

From the beginning of 2024, the second pricing model will come to the fore: CPM. What is the expected impact on revenue?

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AdSense specials

Optimise your revenue

Today: Four quick fixes that work immediately. Pretty brave of me to say that? Yes, and that's why I need to say this first...

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AdSense Specials

Do I have to pay taxes on AdSense and YouTube earnings?

When you monetise a website or YouTube channel, many questions arise about tax...

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AdSense for Beginners (6)

AdSense and Youtube: When will I receive my payment?

Getting paid with AdSense: An important topic because it's about money! AdSense earnings are paid out in the millions every month...

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AdSense for Beginners (5)

The AdSense basic report - Entire account by day

AdSense reports: The basic 'Entire account by day' report is the most important basis for publishers to assess the development of revenue and success of the AdSense account...

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AdSense for Beginners (4)

AdSense registration: More verifications

There are still a few hurdles to overcome before your earnings can be transferred to your account: Verification of your address via PIN, confirmation of your identity, bank details...

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AdSense for Beginners (3)

The AdSense ads

After registration and approval of your website, you will receive an email and your site will be ready for ad delivery...

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AdSense for Beginners (2)

AdSense registration

Here I would like to mention a few requirements that you can check for yourself before you set off and only realise at the end that you and AdSense are not a good match...

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AdSense for Beginners (1)

AdSense requirements

If your website meets the requirements for AdSense, you can create an AdSense account and register your website. A tutorial in 5 steps...

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AdSense Tutorials

Set up and use AdSense CMP - Tutorial

How can you easily set up the AdSense Consent Management Platform? Here I'll show you how to activate it in 4 steps, customise it for your site and then evaluate the results......

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AdSense Specials

AdSense issues: The most common problems and how to fix them

AdSense issues: Sometimes there are error messages when starting AdSense or in the dashboard. The solutions for this are not always self-explanatory and intuitive...

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AdSense Specials

AdSense: GDPR consent and messaging

Google AdSense's announcement in May 2023 to make new requirements for consent platforms mandatory has caused unease...

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