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Reactivate your Adsense account - Tutorial

In the postClosing your AdSense account, I explained why an AdSense account cannot be deleted, only closed. The data is still there. This means the other way around: The closed account can also be reactivated.

When is AdSense disabled?

There are several reasons why an AdSense account may be disabled. As a result, there are many possible solutions.

Disabled for violating policies

First, if you are deactivated for apolicy violation,you usually have no way to reactivate your account. You have one chance to appeal. If it's denied, it's over. And that's final! This is why it is very important to follow the policies.

Sometimes there is a temporary ban for violating the guidelines. This gives you time to revise your site and bring it into compliance. You should definitely take advantage of this time, as your account will not be disabled at this point.

Account closure

Even if you have closed your account, for example, because you no longer want to monetize a site, you can continue to use the same account for a new site. Some of the checks that were performed when the account was first set up will not apply. The new site will be retested for AdSense compliance.

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An account can also be deactivated if no action is taken. In other words: If you are inactive. You are inactive if you have not implemented an AdSense script in your code and you are no longer seeing ads.

A single website becomes inactive...

An individual site can also become inactive. If no ads have been placed for four months, you will receive an email and have one month to re-implement the code. After five months of inactivity, the site must be re-approved if it is to be reactivated. This is to ensure that the site still meets AdSense guidelines. As requirements change, it will be easier to reintegrate ads in a timely manner.

An AdSense account becomes inactive...

If no site has been active for five months, you will receive another email and have one month to submit a new site for review. Otherwise, your AdSense account will be disabled after six months.

The account will not be deleted, but can be reactivated. After 10 years, the account cannot be reactivated and you will no longer be able to access it.

How do I reactivate my AdSense account?

To reactivate your account, you must first sign in using your previous email address. Then search for 'reactivate account' and confirm your phone number. You will now have the option to select an inactive site or add a new site to monetise.

Once you have made your selection, please be patient as it may take some time for the site to be approved. Once you've successfully reactivated your site, don't forget to implement the AdSense script on your site to start earning money.

In this way, you can successfully reactivate your account and start earning money from your website.

Reactivate AdSense for YouTube

As a YouTuber, you can also reactivate monetisation. Reasons for stopping monetisation can include

  • You left the partner programme.
  • Your monetisation is paused because you do not have an active AdSense account associated with you.
  • Your monetization was disabled because you haven't uploaded a video in six months.

Important: To reactivate, always go to the 'Earn' area in YouTube Studio!

If your monetisation was disabled due to a policy violation, you will not be able to reactivate it.

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