Vita - Michael Dilger-Hassel aka Milanex

This is about my professional career on the topics of software, SEO, webmaster and AdSense.

This path began in 1996 as a software editor at Lexware. Lexware is a german software company with a focus on business, law and taxes. As project coordinator and project manager, I got to know and accompanied the diverse processes of a fast-growing company.

Stations alongside work at Lexware, later Haufe Lexware:

The activities in the forums on SEO, AdSense and online marketing also led to my nickname Milanex, under which I was and still am active. It is also the name of my web blog and YouTube channel on SEO and AdSense.

The latest project at the beginning of 2023 is my German-language book: AdSense for Beginners, which supports publishers who are considering monetising their website or blog with Google AdSense.

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Google AdSense product expert diamant

Google AdSense product expert  diamant

afs-Academy for advanced training in SEO

afs-Academy for advanced training in SEO: Managing Consultant

Google Adwords Zertifikat (2018)

Google Adwords Zertifikat