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Google AdSense Coaching

Google AdSense optimisation through targeted coaching

AdSense reports

Coaching takes place in three steps.

1. written briefing by email:

The brief creates clarity for both parties and helps to avoid misunderstandings. By being transparent about expectations and possibilities, we can work together in a spirit of trust. Answer the questions in detail and as specifically as possible:

  • What are the current problems?
  • What goals do you want to achieve with AdSense?
  • What are the objectives of the coaching?

I will then get back to you with a concrete offer, a confidentiality agreement and a preliminary invoice. Once you have accepted the coaching and the money has been transferred, the analysis and coaching process will begin.

2. analysis of the AdSense account

This requires 'standard' access to the account by invitation. I will send instructions with a special email address for this purpose. Restricted access to the Google Search Console may also be useful.

  • Analysis
  • Suggestions

The results will be sent in writing before the coaching session.

3. 60 minute coaching session via Google Meet

During the session we will discuss the results of the analysis and any other questions the client may have.

General terms and conditions

Status: 1.4.2024

The following parameters form the basis of the coaching:

  • Price: 198 EUR
  • Terms of payment: Payment in advance
  • Appointment: Suitable for clients
  • Invoicing: Without VAT, small business scheme
  • Subsequent orders (only after commissioning) 89 EUR/h
  • Disclaimer: Due to the complexity, individuality, technical limitations and volatility of traffic and potential earnings, no guarantee of success can be given for the proposed measures. When implementing any improvement measures, I always recommend that you first test and verify that the measures are effective.

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